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The rise of Live Dealer Games


The rise of Live Dealer Games

Due to technology’s revolutionary advancement, a lot of casino games have been developed online. It’s possible nowadays for people to enjoy playing their favorite live casino games anywhere and anytime. Basically, with only one click, you’ll have plenty of games on your computer.

What are live dealer games

Live games allow players to enjoy the same fantastic games from physical, which they adore, but from the comfort of their own homes. This is definitely a huge advantage. A casino live game dealer has someone who is real, which are real-time dealers.

These use the usual casino equipment such as baccarat and blackjack cards, roulette wheels and balls. The only thing that is lacking in these types of games are the chips, but they’re still present through the software.

These games work, basically, as video streaming. It’s possible for anyone who’s playing to interact with dealers online in real-time, just like they would do at a physical casino. Since there’s a real person dealing the cards or even spinning the wheel, and it’s not computerized, there’s the need to trust the person on the screen.

Another thing that’s exciting is the live chat, which can be used for communication with the dealer and he or she will answer immediately. Regarding betting, this is faster at a live game than at a physical casino because at this type of game you have a certain of time to make your bet and that’s it.

How everything works

Live dealer games usually have two cameras working or even more. For example, roulette usually has separate cameras for an overview of the wheel, table and from the whole display, including the dealer.

The Game Control Unit is actually a very important component when it comes to live games because it’s responsible for encoding of the livestream video. These games usually have staff including croupiers, cameraman and also an IT manager.

Greatest online live casino games

You’ll find several live dealer games online from different sites. A lot of live dealer gaming brands and operators make a lot of effort to offer as many live games as possible. Here is a list of top online casino games you’re likely to find:

  • Poker – When you’re playing poker, you’re playing against the person who’s standing on your side and not against the dealer. There are multiple variants available of poker that are possible to be found.
  • Blackjack – This game uses eight 52-card decks. The main goal is to get a higher score than the dealer, without getting a score that’s higher than 21 points. Blackjack has also something that you’ll like, which is a low house edge.
  • Roulette – Playing live dealer is almost as the same as playing at physical casinos. But at online casinos, the live dealer is the one who will spin the wheel. There are roulette tables where you can bet low and others where you can bet high.

Latest news

Playtech new partnerships with win2day

Playtech new partnerships with win2day


Playtech , which is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to gambling technology, has announced a partnership with Austrian Lotteries in order to offer a new Bingo game via win2today website. This is simply fantastic, for both the brand and the site.

Pragmatic Play reveals Mega Wheel

Pragmatic Play reveals Mega Wheel


Pragmatic Play, a leader in the gambling industry when it comes to content has recently released an incredible new live casino game called Mega Wheel. Players will have a unique experience, since they’ll feel like they’re on their favorite TV game show but this one is actually hosted by Pragmatic Play’s team of pre senters, who are incredibly engaging. The game has a huge wheel with 54 colored segments where each one signifies a corresponding payout for the player.

Squeeze feature getting popular

Squeeze feature getting popular


Baccarat is a game that was once for only the rich and royalty. However, nowadays this game is accessible to everybody. It has very simple rules and something that players really love: a low house edge, which make this game extremely popular. The squeeze feature ads more excitement to it.

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