December 4, 2020

Avoid mistakes for Live Blackjack

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Before playing blackjack then you really need to learn how to do it. The strategy of the game is something that you need to know since it gives you a really good high edge and it also makes it a risky behavior if you don’t know what you’re actually doing while playing. Beginners are normally susceptible to make decisions without thinking properly and being sucked into side bets. Fortunately, there’s always something good and this means that people learn from their mistakes. However, there’s a new generation of players who instead of making these mistakes are reading about them so they don’t make them.

Avoid mistakes for Live Blackjack

The problems of not learning and having a strategy to your gameplay

You definitely shouldn’t join a live blackjack table if you don’t already know the basic strategy for this game, since you might make blackjack mistakes. Learning and understanding the strategic rules of this game doesn’t have to be hard or painful, especially when they’re sufficient to eliminate the house edge. Counting cards isn’t the only way to win a game and this thought is wrong.

You can find online blackjack live casino strategy charts online and there are many developers that have actually integrated the strategy gameplay feature in their releases, making this process effortless, moreover if you’re a beginner.

Choosing Insurance when the dealer has an Ace

Choosing insurance might appear like a great idea to you if the dealer is showing an Ace, however the odds of him having a blackjack are about 9:4. What may seem like a good deal is in fact a scheme so that the house edge can increase in blackjack live. If you pay attention, you’ll see that are players who are more experienced and they will never use this feature for that reason.

The wrong decision of splitting a pair of 10s and 5s

Although splitting cards is a great opportunity so that you can double your chances of winning, there are some cards that should never be split. A pair that consists of two 5s is considered to be some of the most valuable in blackjack hands. When you split this hand, then you might get two weaker hands, which is definitely not what you want.

Regarding splitting 10s, well this shouldn’t be done for obvious reasons. When you have this hand then you’re likely going win, unless you’ve been counting cards. This hand should be played as a whole. That’s certain.

Know when you should Double Down

Doubling Down might be something smart to do when you have reasonable chances that the next card will bring you even closer to 21, without actually resulting in a bust. However, there’s an exception to this and that’s when the dealer has an Ace. Assuming that you play a variant that has the S17 rule, where the dealer stands on soft 17 hand, then Doubling Down on 11s isn’t something you should do and you should just hit. In online casinos where dealers can still hit on 17, then players are advised to use this option when their hand total is 11.

Basically, Double Down is pretty much a great choice if the dealer hasn’t an Ace showing up. Most players will do this if their hand is 10 or 9 and the dealer’s card is a 5 or a 6.

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