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January 25, 2022

How to Play Evolution鈥檚 Brand-New Lightning Blackjack

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Evolution Gaming currently boasts an impressive lineup of blackjack games solutions at any live casino. This includes the likes of 7 Speed Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Power Blackjack, and of course, Lightning Blackjack. The former is the latest addition to Evolution鈥檚 extensive catalog, debuting just recently on November 17. So, what鈥檚 all about this live blackjack?

How to Play Evolution鈥檚 Brand-New Lightning Blackjack

What is Evolution鈥檚 Lightning Blackjack?

Lightning Blackjack is a live and first-person blackjack variant that features enhanced and multiplied payouts. As is the norm with most games from Evolution Gaming, Lightning Blackjack features superior 3D graphics and a 鈥淕O LIVE鈥 button that launches the live dealer variant. 

According to Todd Haushalter, Evolution鈥檚 Chief Product Officer, players will definitely love this game. That鈥檚 because it maintains the true meaning of blackjack while giving them enhanced payouts, thanks to the Lightning multipliers. Of course, if you鈥檝e played Lightning Roulette, then you鈥檒l know what he鈥檚 talking about.

How to play Evolution鈥檚 Lightning Blackjack?

As expected, this game maintains standard blackjack rules and uses eight decks of 52 cards at any live casino online. In plain words, players (you) only need to aim for a higher score than the dealer without going bust or exceeding 21. 

That said, the best hand in this table game variant is blackjack. And to get it, your first two cards must total 21 鈥 no more, no less. Also, you鈥檒l be playing against the dealer, and an unlimited number of players can join the fun. Sounds familiar, huh?

Evolution鈥檚 Lightning Blackjack multipliers

Things are a bit different in Lightning Blackjack, however. That鈥檚 because you must pay the mandatory 100% Lightning Fee at the start of each betting round to fund the multipliers. That is, if you place a $10 bet at the start of a betting round, an equal amount is deducted from your balance to make the total bet amount to be $20. Just look at it as a side bet.

Speaking of multipliers, they can be assigned to hand values of 17 or less. The possible multipliers include:

  • 2x 鈥 4-17 hand values.

  • 2x 鈥 18

  • 3x 鈥 19

  • 4x 鈥 20

  • 5x - 21

  • 6x - Blackjack

An ordinary winning hand can pay between 2x and 15x, whereas a blackjack hand pays anything between 6x and 25x the initial bet. Don鈥檛 worry; these figures will appear on the panel behind the dealer. The multiplier is carried forward to the subsequent round if you beat the dealer. 

Still don鈥檛 get it? Here鈥檚 an example; you place a $5 bet plus a mandatory bet of an equal amount. Then, you beat the dealer by creating 20 against 17 on their hand. Then, with a Lightning Multiplier of 4x, you win the $5 bet plus a 4x multiplier on the next hand. Winning the next round gives you $20 (4x$5).

Evolution鈥檚 Lightning Blackjack RTP and payout

It鈥檚 hard not to love the RTP of this game.  Evolution advertises an RTP rate of 99.56%. But if you look closely, the multipliers and Lightning Fee makes the RTP more volatile. So, the payout rate only works during the first hand.

As for the payout table, an ordinary winning hand pays out at a rate of 1:1. This means placing a $5 bet gives you an additional $5, making it $10 in total. If you鈥檙e lucky to create a blackjack, you enjoy a payout of 3:2, while the insurance bet pays out at 2:1. 

Evolution鈥檚 Lightning Blackjack final thoughts

There is nothing new about Lightning Blackjack except the mandatory Lightning Fee and multipliers. Just say that all aspects of the game resemble a regular blackjack, just that you enjoy added winning opportunities in this game. What鈥檚 more, Evolution released this game with its own custom cheat sheet. It can鈥檛 be any better!

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