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BlackJack Soho is a table game released by Playtech that utilizes eight standard 52-card decks on a 99.5% return to player percentage. Many live casinos provide this variation to attract players who find blackjack intriguing and those looking for a fun gambling experience. In addition, a variety of live Blackjack Soho tables are available to players, streamed directly from the company’s Romanian studio. Having these tables available 24/7 and accommodating up to seven players might just be the cherry on top of the cake.

How to Play Playtech’s Live Blackjack Soho
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How to Play Playtech’s Live Blackjack Soho

To play the game correctly, the dealer must stand on all 17s. One thing that players should know right away is that Blackjack Soho in live casinos is played European-style. Once all players have decided on their moves, the dealer deals a second card. Even after splitting a hand in live Blackjack Soho, it is possible to double down. Doubling down is allowed no matter the cards in the player’s hands. Here, the player receives an extra card but must wager twice as much as their initial bet.

Blackjack Soho Rules

It´s essential to understand the different rules of live games. When playing Blackjack Soho in live casinos, the dealer gives players a chance to split cards of the same value in the hand they were initially dealt. In this option, gamblers must make a second stake equal to the original bet. After splitting the hand, players receive two additional cards to complete their new hands. Live blackjack enthusiasts should note that they cannot re-split hands.

Suppose a player was dealt two aces initially, and they want to split them. Here, they are not permitted to hit. Instead, they get a card for each ace. One mistake that novice players make is celebrating as soon as they split their hands and get an ace and a card value of ten. According to live Blackjack Soho rules, such hands are 21, not blackjack.

Insurance Bet

The insurance bet is allowed when the dealer holds an ace. The house edge for a live blackjack player is 2:1 whenever the dealer has a blackjack. The punter must add a stake equal to half the first bet to leverage this option. However, the additional bet is automatically lost if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack.

Side Bets

Playtech’s Blackjack Soho is made even more exciting by the many available side bets. A good example is the 21+3 bet that may result in lucrative rewards. Beginners should know casting such a bet means they are betting that their initially dealt hand and the first dealer’s card will form a 3-card poker hand. A payout is expected as long as there is a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, or Suited Three of a Kind.

The most versatile side bet on live Blackjack Soho is the perfect pairs. In this option, players bet that their initial card and the original card of the dealer will create a pair of a similar suit. Another side bet is when a gambler stakes on their rival’s hands, i.e., betting behind.

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