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If high rollers are seeking a live blackjack game then they will find this new Playtech release appealing. Soiree Blackjack allows players to put large sums of money on the line. The minimum bet per hand is $50, with the option to raise it as high as $10,000. Live casinos often aim for lower maximum wagers but Soiree Blackjack is an exception. Whilst such risk might scare off some novice gamblers it will also make the game desirable amongst experienced ones. Soiree Blackjack uses 8 pre-shuffled card decks. During a live round up to 7 tables are available.

General InformationHow To Play Playtech Live Soiree Blackjack
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General Information

Game nameSoiree Blackjack
Game providerPlaytech
Game variantBlackjack
Streaming from Latvia

How To Play Playtech Live Soiree Blackjack

Once the player has logged into a live casino that features this live blackjack title they can begin enjoying it. If the table is full they are able to join a waiting list. Players can still watch the live action until one of the seats becomes vacant. On the surface Soiree Blackjack follows the same rules as similar games of this type. However, Playtech has included a number of features to make the experience more unique. For example, there is a Bet Behind option that enables the user to wager on hands that have been dealt to other seated players.

VIPs gain features such as shuffle, dealer change and shoe change. Every player has the same RTP on main bets. This is a fairly decent 99.52%. Every 30 minutes a new dealer replaces the old one. There is a 15 second time limit for making new wagers. A standard US style dealing system is in a place where the dealer receives a face up and a hole card. All players get two face-up cards for their starting hand.

Game Rules

The players draw their cards after the initial deal has commenced. Like other live blackjack games they can hit as many times as they like as long as their hand does not exceed 21. After everyone has clicked Stand the dealer will reveal their hole card. A draw occurs if their total is under 17. Wins occur when the players card hands are higher than the dealers without busting.

Odds of 3 to 2 are paid out to players who manage to obtain a blackjack. Losses happen either by busting or being outdrawn by the live dealer. Sometimes the dealer and player end up drawing. No money is gained or lost from this scenario. Soiree Blackjack will automatically give out even money for a Ten Card Charlie.

Playtech is well known for developing live casino games that allow side bets. There are several interesting ones found in this title. 6 to 1 is paid out for players and dealers who end up with perfect red/black pairs. 12 to 1 and 25 to 1 are paid out respectively for colored pairs of different suits and suited pairs.

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