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Playtech is one of the world's largest gaming technology providers for live casino table games. The live dealer debuted the exclusive All Bets Blackjack live table in collaboration top live dealer online casino Bwin. The table has a unique and luxurious design, feels, and a custom loading screen that creates a pleasant ambiance for players.

The software provider continues its goal of supporting licensee growth through exclusive designs. Also, the creative content designed to create a point of differentiation to engage players continues with the creation of All Bets Blackjack. This game is the latest in a long line of new product launches as Playtech continues to expand its live portfolio among the live casino software providers.

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What is All Bets Blackjack?

This is a live dealer card game that adds a twist to the traditional game of live baccarat. The live game also adds to the excitement for players that visit live casinos online. The term originates from the fact that players can place up to six side bets in addition to their main hand. Players will be pleased to note that the interface is simple enough to let them know what's going on with each of their bets at any given time, thus there's no space for error.

The game is a single hand with an unlimited number of players. While betting, on the same hand, the players are required to make their selections. Regardless of other players, the interface displays the hand as they have chosen to play it. The sound effects are clear, the images are captivating, and the digital interface is fluid and engaging. The dealers are enthusiastic and know how to keep the conversation going.

How to Play All Bets Blackjack

The player begins by placing an Ante and any optional side bets. Punters have 15 seconds to place their bets. Also, one can decide whether to hit, stand, double down, or split cards when the cards are dealt. The live casino offers players insurance when the dealer has obtained an Ace.

Besides the required Ante, participants can choose any side bet or all of them. When the dealer goes bust, all players who put the main wager are rewarded according to their hand. In case the dealer qualifies, both sides' cards are checked, and the side with the best hand wins. Side bets payout as per paytable, and participants can win them even when they lose the main bet.

The Rules for All Bets Blackjack

Eight decks of fifty-two cards are used in this game. The dealer deals both the player and the host two cards. In addition, players can view both their hands and the dealer's opening card. After utilizing half of the deck shoe, the dealer reshuffles the cards. This prohibits players from gaining an advantage by counting cards.

Casino members decide how to play the cards after the host has dealt them. Each player is dealt an identical deck of cards. They can, however, determine how to proceed with the round on their own. A pair can only be split once, and splits cannot be doubled. Individuals only get one extra card when they divide a pair of aces.

After punters make their pick, it is then the host's turn. Participants continue to draw cards until they reach 16, then stop when they have 17 or more. Once the casino live dealer stops accepting more cards, the player and host hands are compared. The team that gets closest to 21 wins. Players get a bonus when they get exactly 21 with their first two cards. When any side gets over 21, the round is automatically lost.

What Should Players Consider?

The "All side bets" button triggers the other wagers, pumping up the intensity as players watch the round conclusion, not to go bust. The live casino studio is appealing to the eye, and the dealers are friendly and eager to converse. Overall, players enjoy 21 casino games live; it is a great live dealer experience.

Payouts for All Bets Blackjack

All Bets Blackjack has an RTP of 96.06 percent. For four or three cards, players can earn anywhere from 2:1 to an amazing 2000:1, for combining eight cards when playing Buster Blackjack. The initial two cards for players and the dealer get a combination. The odds of winning are between 2:1 for any twenty or nineteen cards to 200:1 for a seven-matched triple. With 21 + 3 individuals and dealer's initial cards form a hand. For the biggest win of 100:1, players have to get a suited three-of-a-kind.

The punter's top three cards in hand are their initial double cards and the dealer's first card. For the biggest win of 270:1, individuals have to get a suited three-of-a-kind. With the Perfect Pairs bets, the dealer or player wins when their cards form a pair. Through the "All Bets" option, individuals can play all the side bets, none, or one on any round. These options provide punters with the choice to personalize their experience at the best live casinos to their preferences.

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