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Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker is one of the hottest live casino table games to appear in prominent live casinos. The game is issued to live casinos by popular software provider Evolution. At the end of the game, whoever has the best five-card poker combination wins.

Just like in Blackjack, a player must defeat the dealer's hand to win, not the other player at the table. In a live game, the goal is to make the best five-card poker combination possible by combining two cards dealt with the five-card community flop. As the game develops, there are various opportunities to place wagers.

How to Play Evolution's Live Texas Hold 'em Bonus PokerLive Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker Payouts
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How to Play Evolution's Live Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker

Each player is assigned two cards to play in this game, so only the player who can use them can use them. The dealer is then dealt two more cards, which only they can utilize. On the table, five community cards are dealt face up. These cards can be used by both the player and the dealer in addition to the regular two they already have.

What should a Player Consider?

The community cards can be used by both players and dealers in any combination. To build the best poker hand, one can use three, four, or all five community cards.

General Information

Game nameTexas Hold’em Bonus Poker
Game providerEvolution
Game typePoker
Streaming fromGeorgia, Malta, Canada, Romania

The Rules of Live Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker


To be able to become a great live casino player, it is essential to understand the rules of the game. To begin, each player places an ante stake and has the option of also placing a bonus jackpot wager. Two cards are dealt face-down to each player and the dealer. If someone wants to play a hand, they must place a bet equal to twice their Ante. If the ante bet was $5 and a player wanted to play, they would have to wager $10. The ante stake is lost if the player decides not to play and folds.

The fourth card is allocated face-up in the middle of the casino table. Players have the option to gamble or check once more. The stake is set at the same level as the ante bet. This is the final chance for players to wager. They are not required to deposit a wager to continue playing. The fifth card, which is the final one, is later dealt also face-up.

The Dealer

For top live games, three cards are dealt face-up in the center of the table by the dealer. These three cards are community cards, which means that they can be used by any player to complete their final five-card hand. The dealer flips their cards over and reveals the house's best five-card poker hand.

The dealer will flip over each player's hole cards one at a time, determining the strongest five-card poker hand. The dealers are taught to identify each player's best hand, but each player should be able to recognize their own best hand. The dealer judges whether the player's or dealer's hand is superior. If a player has a better hand than the other, they win. If the player loses, the house keeps all of the bets as well as the Ante.

Live Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker Payouts

Players can now place another wager with this evolution live Texas Hold 'em bonus poker. But they only have to match the equivalent amount of the Ante. Participants could also check, which indicates that they are not betting. Players will then be able to continue playing regardless of whether they bet or check.

On the flop, turn, and river betting, whenever a player's hand beats the dealer's, they receive the Texas Holdem bonus poker payouts Right away. So, if one wagers $10 on the flop, $10 on the turn, and $10 on the river, they will get paid $30 right away.

When a player's hand beats the dealer's and has a straight or better, the Ante wager is paid out at even money. As a result, a $10 ante would be worth $10 more. It's a tie if they beat the dealer but have a hand that isn't straight. On the players' Ante, there is no win, no loss. The bonus jackpot play table outlines how the optional bonus jackpot wager pays out based on the two cards given to participants.

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