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September 9, 2022

Lightning Roulette Strategy? Win the 500x Jackpot or Go Home!

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Lightning Roulette is the first groundbreaking roulette game by Evolution Gaming. Today, it remains one of the best live casino games ever. No wonder the game has won multiple accolades, including the 2018 Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards.

Lightning Roulette Strategy? Win the 500x Jackpot or Go Home!

This entertaining live game show is visually stunning and combines high RNG payouts with Lucky Number multipliers up to 500x. So, this page discusses how to play live casino Lightning Roulette and win the 500x jackpot.

Lightning Roulette Paytable and Rules

Before learning lightning roulette strategies, it’s essential to know how this refurbished classic live casino game works. As expected, it features the same gameplay as standard roulette. Also, Lightning Roulette uses the player-friendly European wheel with 36 numbered pockets and a green single zero pocket. So, if you’re a regular roulette player, there’s nothing complex about it. 

Gamers start by choosing a bet on the table. Players can place all standard roulette bets, including:

  • Red/black
  • Odd/even
  • High/slow
  • Dozen
  • Column
  • Street
  • Line
  • Corner
  • Split
  • Straight-up

However, the money lies in straight-up bets, which have a payout of 19-1,999:1, depending on the bet type. For those who don’t know, a straight-up bet is simply betting on a single number to appear.

After placing a straight-up bet, you’ll get any of the five Lucky Lightning Numbers. A straight -up win can have multiplier values of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x. If the straight-up bet wins without a multiplier, the payout is 29:1, lower than 35:1 on standard roulette wheels. 

Lightning Roulette Online RTP/House Edge

At this point, you must be asking about the theoretical return rate of Lightning Roulette. After all, this can determine your hourly losses, hence your bankroll size. Here’s the bad news; this award-winning game has a 97.10% RTP, slightly lower than the 97.30% on the European wheel. Of course, that’s way worse than the 98.65% on the French wheel.

But on the upside, the industry RTP rate on any online casino game is 96%. In addition, Evolution gives players a chance to win a stunning 500x multiplier with Lucky Numbers. In addition, the payout for roulette bets remain similar to what players get on the European wheel bar the 29:1 payout on straight-up bets. That’s expected, though!

Lightning Roulette Strategies and Tips

Another question is whether there is a Lightning Roulette strategy to exploit. Well, there is a handful, although none guarantees 100% success. Below is a brief overview:

Choose straight-up bets

Yes, this might sound dumb. However, stick to this side bet while playing Lightning Roulette at live casino sites. Always remember that the Lucky Number multipliers are only eligible on 0-36 numbers. For example, a player can wager $10 and win a massive $5,000 with the maximum multiplier value. So, being ambitious pays in this roulette game!

Even-number bets any day

The chances of winning a straight-up bet on a typical roulette wheel are around 2.70%. Just say this wager is not for the faint-hearted. So, instead of sticking necks on the chopping board for this side bet, go with even-number bets like odds/even, high/low, and red/black. These bets feature an incredible 48.6% of creating a win. And you all know that gambling is about winning, don’t you?

Always have a bankroll

Bankroll management is everything in gambling, hether playing roulette at an online casino or land-based venue. So, bet with money you can afford to lose and live without. Remember those losing sessions are more than wins in gambling. For this reason, carry an amount that you won’t go bonkers after losing it. And most importantly, set a stop-loss limit on your overall bankroll. 

Consider using roulette betting systems

After setting a bankroll, research the best roulette betting systems to exploit. While these systems don’t necessarily guarantee success, they ensure gamers play within their budgets and win a decent sum on a good day. High-roller roulette players should use the Martingale system, which dictates that players should double their bets after a loss. But those on a thin budget should stick to systems like Fibonacci and Paroli, where players only increase a unit after recording a win. 

Betting with casino bonuses

Another live roulette strategy is betting with bonuses. Almost all top live casinos offer new and loyal players a chance to play the game library with free credits. For instance, the live casino can give a 50% up to $50 cashback on weekly losses. This means eligible players will win $25 after losing $50 during the week. That should be enough to push you through a few live roulette rounds. Talk about freebies!

Remember to Play XXXtreme Lightning Roulette!

It would be unfair to close this page without mentioning the newly released XXXtreme Lightning Roulette by Evolution. So, what’s new? As the name suggests, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is an improved version of Lightning Roulette. The roulette game introduces brand-new features like Double Strikes and Chain Lighting multipliers. As a result, payers can win multipliers up to 2,000x. 

Here is how it works; after triggering one of the five Lightning Numbers, the numbers will be struck by lightning. Then, the Chain Lighting effect can increase the multipliers from five to ten. Interestingly, the lightning menace can carry Double Strikes, which can double the multipliers up to 2,000x. It doesn’t get any rewarding, does it?

Below is what Todd Haushalter, Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, had to say about the release:

“XXXtreme Lightning Roulette takes the entertainment and suspense to new levels in a beautiful black, red, and gold studio setting that literally glows in anticipation of the dramatic gaming action that awaits every player.”

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