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The Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos regulates live casinos in Portugal. The nation is among the first in the European Union to legalize online gambling fully. While several European countries have yet to approve legislation fully legalizing live casinos, Portugal did so in 2015. It allowed international live casinos to qualify for a license in the country. The potential money from tax revenue is the primary motivator for the current legal gambling scene.

The country has one of the world's highest wagering tax rates, at 44 percent. Most of the rules have been put in place to keep people from being cheated or exploited by illegal businesses.

Slovak Ministry of Finance
Live Casinos Licensed by SRIJAbout SRIJ LicenseNote for Those Seeking the License
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Live Casinos Licensed by SRIJ

In Portugal, this license is highly popular. The Portuguese government even operates many live casinos and collaborates with several private web-based gambling organizations. The license can be obtained by any live casino that meets the standards. The country decided to grant international casino licenses and has done so for a number of them.

However, many live casinos are reconsidering their operations in the country because of the government's astronomically high taxes. Despite this, there are already a lot of things going on in the sector, and it's going to keep growing because of the less strict laws that are being changed to fit a rapidly growing industry.

Non-charitable organizations are not permitted to hold such games unless they are held for a specific promotional purpose. The Portuguese government has issued licenses to several casinos on the country's territory. Several gambling zones exist around the country. In most gaming zones, only one casino is allowed to operate. The Portuguese government has also enforced an age limit for entering and playing in casinos. Local laws will punish any criminal conduct related to gambling businesses in the country.

About SRIJ License

Three-year licenses are available and can therefore be applied for at any time. As new live casinos regularly enter the market, the regulatory agency SRIJ has so far granted several licenses.

Players are also required to join authorized platforms that have been granted a license by the regulatory body. Players must also be of legal age and refrain from unlawful activities such as money laundering. In all forms of internet gambling, the legal age is 18. Failure to comply with this law may result in punters being prosecuted. Gambling winnings are taxed, and all players who win at online casinos must report their winnings to the government.

Portugal has developed into a full-fledged gaming destination. Most forms of live casinos from all over the world are approved. Players can also join offshore casinos, giving the industry a great variety. The country has also formed partnerships with game operators in other parts of the world, allowing all types of casino items to enter the market.

Note for Those Seeking the License

Before seeking a license to run a live casino platform, interested operators must meet all SRIJ standards. The licensed entities have met all of the legal trustworthiness standards. The Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service is also in charge of inspecting, regulating, and reviewing internet betting platforms. When providers break the terms of their licenses, they risk having their licenses revoked.

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