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May 18, 2022

Best Live Sic Bo Betting Strategies and Tips

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If you’re camping here to learn how to play Sic Bo at a live casino, that’s an excellent decision. In this post, you’ll know what exactly Sic Bo is and how to play live Sic Bo effortlessly. This post will also provide tips and strategies for playing this game for wins. But mark you, the house always has an edge in Sic Bo, like other luck-based live casino games. 

Best Live Sic Bo Betting Strategies and Tips

What is live Sic Bo?

Sic Bo or Tai Sai is a table game played using three dice. It’s one of the two live casino games played using dice, the other one being live craps by Evolution Gaming. That said, live Sic Bo is relatively easy to learn and play. The main objective is to predict the outcome of the three dice rolled. Just place a bet, the dealer shakes and throws the dice, and you win or lose depending on the total outcome you predicted. 

Sic Bo bet types

Sic Bo has several betting options on the table. The most prevalent Sic Bo bets are Big and Small bets. In Small bets, you predict the outcome of the roll’s total to be anything between 4 and 10. On the other hand, the Big bet has a sum total of (including) 11 to 17. These bets have a payout ratio of 1:1 and have the lowest house edge in Sic Bo.

If you’re not in the mood to place the Small and Big bets, you can choose the Single Dice bet. In this case, you predict a specific number will appear on the three dice rolled. Players can bet on any number between 1 to 6 and enjoy a 1:1 payout if it appears on a single dice. If the number appears on two or three dice, the payout increases to 2:1 or 3:1. 

Other common live Sic Bo bets are the Double and Triple bets. Players predict that the same number will appear on two dice and get a 10:1 payout in the former. The same method is applicable in Triple bets, although the payout is higher at 30:1. So, a successful $1 bet can give you $30 in profit. However, the house edge for these two bets is 18.25% and 13.89%, respectively.

Best Sic Bo betting strategies online

Have a bankroll and play for fun

Sic Bo is purely a luck-based live casino game. Therefore, no betting strategy can guarantee players a win. The best option is to create a gambling bankroll and have as much fun as possible. Put simply, don’t wholly bank your hopes on betting systems, as the house always has an edge. So, believe in luck and play on. If a decent win comes by, it’s probably time to take a walk. 

Bet on small or big bets

As said initially, the Small and Big bets are the primary bets in live Sic Bo. Therefore, most live Sic Bo casinos will offer these two bets. These wagers have up to 105 winning combinations, hence the low house edge of 2.78%. However, the 1:1 payout ratio can put off high-roller players. So, consider something like the Triple bet if you trust your guts. 

Steer clear of triples

Triple bets are not for the faint-hearted. Although the payout ratio here is tantalizingly good, these bets have some of the worst house edges in the industry. Take the Specific Triple bet, for example. In this bet, gamers predict that a specific number will appear on all dice and enjoy a 180:1 payout. However, you only have a single winning combination and a high 16.20% house edge.

Choose the table wisely

Sounds complex? You can easily spot a “good” or “bad” Sic Bo table by looking at the odds on 4 and 17 totals. This should be indicated clearly on the table layout. Having said that, the standard ratio is 60:1 or 1 wins 60. This gives you a house edge of 15.28%, although the best tables can have 65:1 and a reduced 8.33% house edge. Now that almost doubles your winning chances. 

Play for free

Finally, play Sic Bo for free to avoid losing all you have. The best live Sic Bo online live casino should offer new and loyal players live casino bonuses to cushion their bankrolls. You can keep an eye out for free chips, reload bonuses, weekend cashback, etc. Nothing is sweeter than freebies at the best live casinos.


Sic Bo is evidently one of the simplest live casino games to play. Set the betting chips, predict a number, and pray for the best. Remember that no amount of strategy can beat the house in Sic Bo, though. But that doesn’t mean you should blindly go for the triples and doubles.

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