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Five Bonuses That Can Make Online Bingo Even More Exciting!



Eddy Cheung

Once the reserve of blue-rinse grannies, bingo has adapted and changed with the times with more and more people playing bingo online than ever before.

Five Bonuses That Can Make Online Bingo Even More Exciting!

Online bingo is thriving worldwide, with people of all ages enjoying this exciting game for several reasons.

Take a look at five of the best bingo bonuses found in a live casino environment:

1) Money for Nothing; the Bingo No Deposit Bonus

Most online bingo bonuses offered to a new player require them to deposit some money and then receive a bonus as a welcome to the site. A no deposit bonus operates differently and does exactly what it says on the tin.

All a player usually needs to do here is complete the registration to qualify for a bonus without depositing any money.

The bonus amount will vary, but some specific terms and conditions need to be met before withdrawing any money. This usually involves playing through the funds a certain number of times.

2) Player and Casino Working Together; the Bingo Deposit Bonus

This bonus requires the player to make a deposit and see the live casino matching the deposit up to a certain amount or offering a fixed bonus level.

For instance, a site could offer $50 when a player deposits $25 or more. The player deposits $25 and gets the $50, giving them $75 in their account. Again there will be certain conditions around how much a player needs to play through before being able to cash out.

The benefit here is that deposit bonus offers are usually more generous than no deposit bonuses. Of course, the downside is that a player is risking their own money for the bonus.

3) Rewarding Loyalty; the Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a way for an online casino to keep its existing customers happy. So when an existing customer 'reloads' or deposits more money in their account, the live casino will offer a bonus. Generally, the bonus is a percentage of the deposit back in bonus money; a 50% reload bonus is the most common.

4) Bringing New Players to the Game; the Refer-a-Friend Bonus

A standard bonus in most types of online business and live casinos are no different. As the name suggests, if a player refers a friend to sign up to an online bingo platform, the site will give the referrer a bonus. Usually, around $20 per referral.

5) Win Even if You Lose; the Cashback Bonus

More common in casinos, cashback bonuses still exist in some online bingo games. This can either be via receiving a percentage of losses back each week or month or, more commonly, receiving loyalty points a player can use on other games or exchange for cash.

In Summary

While the variety of online bingo bonuses is quite wide, it is essential to understand the terms and conditions around them before diving in headfirst. Any player who is new to the world of online bingo should take their time to read through any wagering requirements.

As long as any player is sensible and doesn't over-extend themselves financially, all of these bonuses can be a great way of making a game of online bingo more exciting and more profitable.

AUTHOREddy Cheung

I remember the first time I saw Kai Tak, Hong Kong's gambling city, I thought I was in a fairy tale. All the lights blinking, the music and the monumental buildings, what 9-year-old wouldn’t think they’ve come to a magical place? It was my father who brought me, dragging me along and when inside I was hit by the smell of frying duck. As soon as I hit 21 I returned to Kai Tak, A bit nervous to see if my mind had embellished the memory, but it hadn’t. Kai Tak was still a magical place. I decided I wanted to spend as much time as I could at this place, so I did. For the next coming years I lived and breathed Kai Tak. Now I am married with kids, and they have become a part of my life too. That’s why I started exploring online casinos to create a better work-life balance and I couldn’t be happier!

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