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Live Mega Ball

Live Mega Ball

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Mega Ball is one of the best gifts that live casino gaming has given to players in 2020. It offers almost everything a player would look for in a casino. Ease of play, fast pace, fun and thrill, and most importantly, the potential to win big, Mega Ball has them all. This article discusses the Live Mega Ball game in detail for the benefit all players of all levels of skill.

What is Live Mega Ball?

This is a new game that combines the best aspects of bingo and lottery play to create a unique casino game. Mega Ball also takes into perspective several aspects of the popular slot games. The live aspect simply means that players taking part in Live Mega Ball drawing see and interact with the dealer in real time as if they were in an actual casino.

The objective of the game is to get the maximum number of lines possible, in order to keep increasing a player's winnings. It is set such that within the shortest period of a game round, players go through the thrill and excitement of changing possible outcomes.

The game was created by Evolution gaming and only hit the market in April 2020. This not only makes it a unique game but a fresh one as well. By playing this game, one notices that Evolution Gaming has put in a lo t of work to make the player comfortable. There is very little an individual player needs to do in a game round.

How to play Live Mega Ball?

Live Mega Ball is an easy game of chance. The rules are simple and even first-time players stand a good chance of winning handsomely.

Live Mega Ball rules

Live Mega ball runs on one cardinal rule: make your bet. Players decide how much they are winning to stake and on which numbers, then sit back and watch things unfold. The dealer in the house does the rest of the work.

Players are required to buy at least one card and a maximum of 200 cards in a game value. Each player also sets the value of their cards by placing a bet e.g. if a player assigns a card value of $1 and buys 20 cards, they have a stake of $20.

A Mega Ball multiplier of between 5x and 100x is generated at the end of every round to determine winnings.

The rules allow players to interact with the dealer through text or sending tips during the Mega Ball Live drawing process. However, the dealer is usually engaged in the game and may not have a lot of time to respond to individual players.

How does Live Mega Ball work?

The player sets the game rolling by clicking on the Mega Ball option in the live casino section. This can be done through the browser, either on a computer or mobile device. The player then assigns a card value and picks the number of cards they want to buy. The game interface displays these cards and tables of possible winnings.

Once the purchase is done, the dealer then gets the game rolling. 51 balls are released into the machine. 20 balls are then quickly drawn from these 51 in a row. If any of these cards matches the player's cards, the rows beside that card are filled. A multiplier is then generated, then a Mega Ball is drawn. If the Mega ball completes any of the player's lines, then the winnings are multiplied according to the multiplier. There is a chance of winning up to 1,000,000 x. On rare occasions, a second Mega ball is drawn.

How to win at Live Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a game of chance and winning will necessarily depend on luck. Buying more cards does not significantly increase winning chances.

Live Mega Ball strategy

Little can be done in terms of strategy since players are not involved in live Mega Ball drawing. The best thing to do is to follow general gambling strategies such as managing the purse and knowing when to walk away.

When was Live Mega Ball invented?


Live Mega Ball was first launched in the spring of 2020.

Does Live Mega Ball use RNG?


Yes, RNG-based random multipliers are applied of between 5x–100x.

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