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Top 1 Citadel Commerce Live Casinos

Enthusiastic players who particularly enjoy live casino gaming will welcome the opportunity to use a secure deposit method. On that is gaining in popularity is Citadel Commerce, headquartered in the UK. Its instant payments' reliability makes it a name to remember for live casino players.

Top 1 Citadel Commerce Live Casinos

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Live Casino Citadel Commerce
What is Citadel Commerce?

What is Citadel Commerce?

Citadel Commerce is a method of making online instant payments in the form of deposits and has become popular with live casinos. The Instant Payments method was launched by Citadel Commerce in 2000. It has become a very trusted name for e-commerce transactions. The company prides itself on being a safe and secure method of transferring money to online accounts.

Deposit with Citadel Commerce

Citadel Commerce is a trusted and reliable payment provider when it comes to making casino payments online. The Instant Payment provider requires no account setup or putting money in any wallet for live casino deposits. Gamblers looking to play live casino games online can safely use Instant Payments by Citadel. It is easy to use and secure for completing casino payments using online banking.

The funds will go from the user's bank account to the live casino that they want to pay. The live casino or other merchants will show Instant Payments by Citadel as one of the options for making a payment. This will then allow the user to access their online banking and confirm the transfer. Instant Payments will not hold any of the user's money but will simply be a channel to move from the bank account to the live casino.

Anyone who wants to use the service should have a bank account, and they will need to be at least 18 years old.

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